What does Hatch Team, LLC do?

We connect early and growth stage businesses with highly qualified, vetted Hatch Experts™ who provide support on an hourly (Hatch and Go™) or interim (Hatch Prime™) basis. Hatch Experts may serve as hourly or interim Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and/or General Counsels.


What services does Hatch Team, LLC offer?

We currently offer two services:

  1. ‘Hatch and Go’

If you need a few hours support or have a discrete project ‘Hatch and Go’ will pair you with an Hatch Expert on an hourly / project basis at a pre-determined price

  1. ‘Hatch Prime’

If you need an interim C-suite officer ‘Hatch Prime’ will match you with a Hatch Expert to assist an ongoing basis on terms agreed between you and the Hatch Expert

Hatch Prime consists of two parts:

  1. An initial Consultation: we host a 45-minute consultation to discuss your business and interim support needed
  2. Presentation of resumes:  we present you with 2-3 interim Hatch Experts for you to interview

Both you and the Hatch Expert will be given the opportunity to connect with one another and decide if there is a match. The cost for the matching service is a one-time, up front cost.

If the match is successful, terms, fees and contracting are established directly between you and the Hatch Hatch Expert (at which time Hatch will apply a 20% Success Fee against the value of the agreed contract).


How much do our services cost?

Hatch and Go services vary depending on the support you need – for a list of typical services and corresponding prices click here . Prices vary from $720 for general advisory (4 hours) to $2880 for an investment deck (16 hours). Most Hatch Experts offer a free 30-minute consultation session.

Hatch Prime cost is agreed between you and the Hatch Expert.


Where do consultations take place?

Typically, consultations take place virtually – this allows you access to the greatest number of Hatch Experts. If, however, you are in the same location and prefer face-to-face support we can coordinate an in-person meeting!


May I choose my Hatch Expert?

Yes. With Hatch and Go, you pick your Hatch Expert online. For Hatch Prime, we recommend the Hatch Expert or Experts best qualified to support your needs who you may select or decline at your discretion


Can I change my Hatch Expert?

Yes. One of the benefits of our service is access to individuals with a diverse range of skills, experiences and backgrounds. If you would like additional support (from a different Hatch Expert) this can be arranged.

If you are unhappy with your current Hatch Expert and would like to change your Hatch Expert mid-service, then please call us to discuss.


What types of services can Hatch Experts help me with?

Hatch Experts can support a wide range of business services from investment decks and business models to strategic planning and competitor analysis.

Take a look at a list of typical services and corresponding prices here


What experience do Hatch Experts have?

Our Hatch Experts are a diverse range of highly qualified, hand-picked individuals who have a broad range of experiences spanning start-ups to financial institutions (PE, VC, Angel investors) to large, global corporations. They typically have strong academic and professional qualifications and directly relevant experience.

What unites our Hatch Experts is a shared passion for helping and supporting startups.


What happens if I am not satisfied?

We go through a vigorous process of screening and vetting all Hatch Experts personally – everyone on our list has been interviewed personally by a member of our Management Team. We believe that every Hatch Expert has the right experience to provide strong support to small and medium sized businesses. If at any point you are unsatisfied with your Hatch Expert or the service provided by Hatch and Go, please get in contact and we will do our best to resolve any problems.